Bunny Walks

Some days I miss running. Pulling my hair into a ponytail, lacing up my Asics, turning on my iPod, and tuning out the world. I miss the crunch of the leaves and the calm of the creek along my favorite trail. I miss the post-run stretches and warm showers and the feeling of accomplishment.

Fortunately, I’ve found another activity that I can enjoy in my pregnant state: walking. Yes, simply walking. Sometimes I pump my arms, and sometimes I exaggerate the bounce in my step. But most times Nick and I just stroll hand-in-hand.

We loop around our neighborhood …

… and walk past the park …

… where we typically stop for a few minutes to watch one of the Little League games. Don’t you just love the crack of the bat and the cheers from kids as their little legs run the bases?

After the park, we cross a bridge that leads into another neighborhood. And this is where our walk gets interesting.

Last spring when we moved here, we were amazed by the number of bunnies we discovered under trees, behind bushes, and in open yards. We had fun counting them as we meandered through our new surroundings. So this year we decided to put a competitive twist on our daily walks. Who can spot the most bunnies?

The most we’ve counted to date is 27 in a single walk. And Nick typically wins by 1 or 2. He really has an eye for these furry little fellows.

Every marriage needs an occasional friendly competition, right?

4 thoughts on “Bunny Walks

  1. So the bunny thing is crazy to me. When I lived in Washington there was a wild bunny that lived near our apt. complex and I thought it was the coolest, most unique experience. Then- I moved to Texas and bunnies are everywhere. It totally put my Washington experience to shame!

  2. Yay for walks! My husband and I try and take daily walks. Today we walked along a path near our house and we had to stop several times so I could use the restroom. My husband remarked that instead of basing our walks on the scenery now that I am pregnant we have to base them around restroom stops. Ha ha!

  3. Brandon and I try and take Max on walk together. I think that time together is important. So many bunnies! Don’t worry you’ll be back to running in no time, 🙂

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