Week 29


Best Moment: Road trip week! We covered close to 1,700 miles and 8 states in 9 days. I also celebrated my 29th birthday. 29 years old and 29 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t be happier.

Symptoms: Last week I said that I finally, undeniably looked pregnant. Well, this week I finally, undeniably feel pregnant. Especially when it comes to walking, sitting, and sleeping. (And what else is there, really?) Plus Peanut has been kicking and punching in new and unusual spots this week — like just below my rib cage and close to my pelvic bone. Perhaps he/she has flipped into “launch” position already?

Cravings: Southern food. I love it, and I think Peanut does, too. Pulled pork BBQ, tomato pie, sweet tea, pecan pie. We certainly got our fill.

What I Miss: I already miss our family and friends!

What I Canโ€™t Wait For: To hit the 30-week mark. Seems milestone-worthy, right?

Milestones: Speaking of milestones, Peanut is quickly approaching 3lbs. Nick and I were both just over 7lbs at birth, which means the bambino will likely double in size over the next 10 weeks. Does that mean my belly is going to get twice as big? Yikes!


Best Moment: Hanging out with family and friends in Virginia and Alabama! A close second was visiting my alma mater, James Madison University, after seven years. Wow, how the campus has changed! It was really weird, though, to see an orientation banner for the Class of 2015. Even more strange to think that Peanut will be Class of 2032.

Symptoms: A little anxiety about taking a 12-hour road trip with a seven month pregnant wife, but Emmie did just fine, and we got to see a good portion of rest stops in several different states.ย 

Cravings: Pita pizzas on the grill — mmmm, thanks Mr. and Mrs. Arceneaux. And all of the other wonderful Southern food that is still sitting on my hips!

What I Miss: Traveling is fun, but I sure did miss our bed and our kitchen.

What I Canโ€™t Wait For: The next trip to Alabama (at Christmas) when little Peanut can meet Aunt Megan, Uncle BJ, and his/her cousins, Sean and Jackson.

Milestones: Peanut is about the size of a jicama, or perhaps a petit Virginia ham.

5 thoughts on “Week 29

  1. Disclaimer: Please read to the third sentence before dropping your jaw. I would like to update you on my pregnancy. I am now at 834 weeks A.B. (After Birth). My peanut is about the height of the corn stalks in our field, the weight of a young calf and has develop fuzz on his face like that on a kiwi (notice the veggie, meat and fruit reference – trying to please everyone here). His calorie intake is close to that of a horses.

    My newest symptom has been leg cramps, I think caused by attempting to slow the vehicle down from the passengers side of the car . I have also been noticing a change in my hair color, not blonde but a lighter shade then my nature brown.

    My cravings are mostly for chocolate, as I come from a long line of chocoholics.

    What I miss – that would be many things like during weeks 1-36 AB watching the peanuts expressions as he slept and giggled and wondering what he was dreaming about. Now I am pretty sure that I do not want to know what he is dreaming about if he smiles and giggles while he sleeps. I also miss making up silly songs in the car, now we play “name that tune and artist” and I don’t have a clue – I am terrible with those facts.

    What I can’t wait for – I’m not sure about this one because I know I will be a blubbering mom in just over a year as he enters his senior year of high school and I will have to watch his last high school football game, swim meet and baseball game, not to mention graduation and the trip to college. I am very proud of the young man that he is becoming but I will miss having him around the house on a daily basis.

    Milestones – there have been many – somewhere around week 630 AB he developed a fondness for girls and that has continued to get stronger every week since then. Speaking of strong, he does intense workouts and has developed 2 guns and a six pack. With 3 years of high school spanish he is working on becoming bi-lingual – he has enough skills to find a restaurant, order food, find the restroom and hotel, hail a cab, compliment girls and swear at the cabs and girls that ignore him.

    I am so excited for you guys as I know that you will both be great parents and enjoy every minute with your peanut – can’t wait to meet him/her. Love, Aunt Holly

  2. Agreeing on the cute-ness, love your Aunt Holly’s comment, and isn’t it great to finally get acknowledged as “pregnant” and not just chubby (not that you ever looked anything but adorable, that was just my feeling)? I got my first stranger comment at 30 weeks and was THRILLED that I finally had the “pregnant” look.

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